Southern Europe Regional Expert Meeting of Fragility Fracture Network


OCTOBER 24-25, 2020

The ageing population is creating huge increases in the incidence of fragility fractures and the pressure on health services will be immense in the coming decades. These patients have a combination of:

  • Fragility – of the bone, due to osteoporosis
  • Frailty – of their entire physiology, due to ageing and comorbidities, with high risk of falls

They therefore need the combined skills of orthopaedic surgery and geriatric medicine in order to achieve a good (and cost-effective) outcome. The key elements of this orthogeriatric approach are:

  • Multidisciplinary co-management of the acute phase
  • Excellent rehabilitation to regain function and independence
  • Secondary prevention to stop the next fracture

The Fragility  Fracture Network ( exists to promote this approach globally and this regional meeting is designed to reinforce that work. How to deliver geriatric competencies in countries with few geriatricians will be a major component. Free papers / posters will be included and will constitute an internet publication for the authors. Registration will be free.

If the challenge of fragility fractures is something that concerns you, please reserve these dates in your diary. A Second Announcement, with Call for Abstracts, will be issued soon. Details of the meeting can be found shortly on the website of FFN-Greece:

If you want to be informed about the programme and would consider virtually attending, please send an email to , giving the following information:

  • Title, given name and family name
  • Your discipline, country and where you work
  • the relevant scientific associations to which you belong

We look forward to hearing from you.

FFN Regionalisation Committee
5th August 2020


Pre-Congress Regional Meeting Europe 2021

The Pre-Congress Meeting was held on 12 JUNE 2021 and it was focused on sharing
initiatives of creating national Fragility Fracture Networks, focusing on principles,
progress and challenges.

Gogs Info Day Webinar

GOGS INFO DAY Meeting was held on 23 February 2022. The aim of this meeting was to
inform about the Global Orthogeriatric Study (GOGS), which will soon be conducted and is expected to have a major impact.

You can watch the recorded meeting here:
GMT20220223-160321_Recording_1920x1080.mp4 – Google Drive


FFN: Education to support Workforce Development

The FFN WEBINAR FFN: Education to support Workforce Development was held on 8 April 2022. FFN has developed many tools and resources that define evidence based prevention and care of patients with fragility fractures. The aim of the webinar was to learn about the educational initiatives that are underway, to share these tools and support health care providers in managing their patients.

Webinar Flyer: Read it here

You can watch the recorded webinar here: video1438918927.mp4 – Google Drive

Multi-Disciplinary Co-Management of the Fracture Episode:
Optimising Clinical Outcomes, Rehabilitation and Independence

The FFN WEBINAR Multi-Disciplinary Co-Management of the Fracture Episode:
Optimising Clinical Outcomes, Rehabilitation and Independence was held on 28 June 2022.

You can watch the recorded webinar here: video1398702274.mp4 – Google Drive