Pilot program on fragility fracture registry and training of patients and their informal carers

  • Development of a software and procedures for registering fragility fractures in eight (8) selected hospitals in the country and recruitment of a project manager to coordinate actions and cooperate with international networks
  • Training health professionals and informal carers of the elderly to create a new professional culture for a holistic – interdisciplinary approach in fragility fracture management
  • Actions and programs for the prevention of falls in the elderly
  • Research and publications in international conferences and scientific journals based on data from the registry, but also on issues directly related to fragility fractures in the wider field of osteoporosis – sarcopenia / osteopenia and frailty
  • Collaboration with the Ministry of Health to formulate health policies and guidelines with the aim for the FFN GR to become, in a three-year horizon, an institutional social partner of the Ministry of Health in the field of elderly care